IC growth is governed by densification of the circuitry on in a ‘fixed’ area. Thus, ever finer features on wafers and recently vertical integration of ICs have enables the growth in the industry.

PiBond produces lithography auxiliary layers for the most advanced nodes and provides layers that simplify steps in 3D-IC.

We produce sacrificial layers in the lithographic patterning process, various dielectric materials and enabling hardmasks. Our silicon based anti-reflective coatings under photoresists facilitate patterning with KrF and ArF laser excimers (248 and 193nm). Our manufacturing excellence enables even sub 5ppb total trace metals which is a prerequisite for sub-10nm nodes.

Our BEOL dielectrics in partial and total etch back processes has set standards in reliability and cost-performance benefits. Currently we are exploring our conformal uLK dielectrics and photodefinable siloxanes  for use in latest devices.


Moore’s law has required an ever increasing number of transistors per die on a constant footprint. As the linewidths of lithographic patterning is approaching theoretical limits, the only way to increase transistor count is to construct circuitries in stacks. Three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) is an integrated circuit made by stacking dies and interconnecting these vertically using through-silicon vias (TSVs). In this way, they behave as a single device and may achieve additional performance improvements such as reduced power and smaller footprint than conventional two dimensional processes. Our SAP hard mask products simplify the process at lower cost of ownership.


Successful patterning of photoresist and subsequent pattern transfer to form integrated circuits require auxiliary layers. These layers address challenges in pattern formation arising from topographical changes on the wafer, and provide selectivity during etch processes which transfer the pattern to the substrate.

PiBond manufactures SH siloxane products to provide anti-reflective layers and sacrificial hard masks for advanced patterning processes. 

ULK and BEOL dielectrics

SG products have been used for decades and find increasing use in new applications. SG products are predominately used as inter layer dielectrics in integrated circuits.

The materials are coated on substrates where these fill narrow gaps and the excess material is either totally (ILD) or partially (PMD) removed by an etch process.


Our products under development include photodefinable siloxane dielectrics. These find a number of uses, such as a redistribution layer in wafer level packaging. These will be launched as our products meet the strict, ambitious specifications we have set for them.

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