MEMS components collect data which can be transmitted for further use. The MEMS market is expected to grow 11% annually mostly as these components are the small but decisive players in megatrends like Internet of Things and Big Data.

PiBond has developed metal oxide hard masks with outstanding selectivity to aggressive fluorine based dry etch chemistries. These etch chemistries are used in formation of MEMS and deep silicon vias for 3D-IC. Our materials provide in addition to economic benefits, also improved CD control and smaller feature sizes than traditional etch masks used in the applications. The lithographic features can further be enhanced using silicon anti-reflective coatings in the photoresist patterning process.

Etch hard mask

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are the very small devices which serve as sensors in a myriad of appliances we use.

MEMS, also referred as micromachines, are miniaturized mechanical components which are formed on silicon and other substates by etch processes.

Our SAP hard mask products simplify the etch process and does this at a lower cost of ownership. The products enable and facilitate miniaturization of MEMS devices by enabling finer features with improved control of critical dimensions and etch selectivities.

Spin-on dielectrics

SG products have been used for decades and find increasing use in new applications. SG products are predominately used as inter layer dielectrics in integrated circuits.

The materials are coated on substrates where these fill narrow gaps and the excess material is either totally (ILD) or partially (PMD) removed by an etch process.


Our products under development include photodefinable siloxane dielectrics. These can be patterned using standard lithographic techniques and find a number of uses, such as a redistribution and passivation in device packaging.

These will be launched as our products meet the strict, ambitious specifications we have set for them.

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