Optically clear materials with good dielectric properties have increased demand due to their application effectively in any device with a screen.

Typical applications are include anti-reflection and light pathway optimization to maximize device photon input or light output.

Our optical dielectrics have been applied in commercial devices since 2008. The wide range of refractive indexes, our ability to tune the index into the correct range and the many different thickness formulations has led to interest in use of these in a myriad of applications. The materials have in particular found use in optical sensors for visible wavelengths. 

Optical dielectrics

Optical dielectric layers are embedded in many devices we use today. The most obvious may be the many flat screen devices we use on a daily basis. However, optical dielectrics can also be found in image sensors in our cameras, solar panels any other screen we may look at home or at work.

PiBond SC products contain a wide variety of materials with different properties and process options for integration in manufacturing of latest gadgets.

Anti-reflective coatings

We have employed our knowledge in production of siloxane materials to yield a material which as a refractive index as low as 1.25.

Anti reflective coatings help us to minimize reflection from surfaces and also to maximize input and out put of light to devices. PiBond manufactures SC 500 siloxane formulations to provide outstanding anti-reflective layers coatings. 

High and low refractive index materials

At the other end of the refractive index spectrum, SC 800 siloxane formulations  offer the highest refractive indexes in the SC products line – the refractive index may be slightly above 1.9.

We have the ability to formulate these from thin to thick coating formulations (up to several microns thick)

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