九月 22, 2016

New materials with high refractive index for optical applications

Rapidly emerging global megatrends such as Internet of Things, augmented reality as well as new waves of automotive and security related applications have become key factors in an increasing demand for imaging sensors. The growing number of different applications place new requirements for materials within these sensors which are based on integrated semiconductor optical devices and systems. These are sensors similar to those traditionally found in mobile phones and other hand-held devices. Tailored materials with outstanding optical clarity, reliability and variable indexes of refraction are needed to improve the performance these specialized devices.

PiBond has supplied materials to this ever-growing segment of integrated circuit sensors for a decade. Now, the semiconductor material specialist and siloxanes pioneer adds more novel optical dielectrics to its extensive siloxane IP portfolio. PiBond’s new and existing materials reach new boundaries in optical properties, particularly the index of refraction. A recently awarded patent describes materials enabling significant increase and control of key optical constants: the refractive index and extinction coefficient, optical transmission – while still retaining excellent dielectric performance and solid environmental robustness. These are properties are essential for device and process design factors fabless designers, IMD and OEM brand owners in semiconductor optoelectronics industry.

PiBond’s molecularly designed organo-silane and siloxane polymers have found many commercial uses in advanced semiconductor devices such as smartphone imaging sensors, quantum dot displays as well in the most advanced lithography processes. PiBond doesn’t only design and develop ultra-novel materials for the semiconductor world, but also has state-of-the-art capabilities to manufacture the same. It’s factory in Espoo, Finland yields specialty siloxane and metal oxide polymers with one of the highest purities in the industry. The patent has been issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office with the number US 9,190,616.

"We are excited about the latest addition to our optical dielectric IP portfolio. Our invention sets a new record for high refractive index optical dielectrics at 1.70. This is ground breaking as we have done this without the addition of index boosting nanoparticles. We are confident that the users will receive a positive response from clients, in particular as the material behaves much in the same way as the high RI siloxanes that we have been supplying the industry for a decade," said Jonathan Glen, Chairman of PiBond. "As the industry demands new materials to meet the needs of EUV lithography, 3D memory, power ICs, image sensors, TSV and MEMS applications, PiBond is well placed to be a driving force in this transition."

Figure: Examples of refractive index that PiBond’s materials exhibit. 





六月 04, 2021

PiBond 荣幸地宣布我们已加入”责任关怀计划”

PiBond荣幸地宣布我们已加入”责任关怀计划”。此计划的目标是提高安全性以及降低化工产业对于环境的影响。有关该计划的更多信息: https://www.kemianteollisuus.fi/en/sustainability/responsible-care/

五月 03, 2021

PiBond Taiwan

为提升对于晶圆厂的服务及满足强劲的台湾市场需求,PiBond于新竹设立据点,进一步提供特殊材料及解决方案予台湾客户。 欢迎莅临台湾新竹办公室

三月 02, 2021


PiBond参加2021年3月17日至19日在上海举行的国际半导体展览会SEMICON China活动。 我们在E7展厅7775展位。PiBond将展示可旋涂的介电材料、基于硅的新型光刻胶和光刻辅助材料。 我们欢迎所有与会人员参观我们以了解我们的产品。

十一月 20, 2020


这份荣耀授予PiBond公司用于先进半导体制造的富硅材料的商业创新。该创新代表了先进半导体元件制造的最新技术,简化了光刻工艺,从而提高了IC芯片制造的质量、良率和产量。此外,该创新减少了生产过程中使用的化学品,有助于提高生态效益和经济效益。该奖项由Laatukeskus Excellence Finland授予。

九月 16, 2020


PiBond在“2020国际先进光刻技术研讨会”,2020年11月5-6日,中国成都 PiBond在国际先进光刻技术研讨会(IWAPS 2020)上报告“用于半导体制造工艺的新型硅基材料”。 PiBond主要为半导体行业生产硅基材料和平坦化有机聚合物。这些材料可用于光刻中作光刻胶或辅助层,可用作电介质以及在光电子器件中用于提升器件性能。 PiBond开发了新型的硅基光刻胶,可以达到极高的分辨率。Pibond已经开发出一系列材料,主要分为两大应用:可直接光刻的硬掩模(中间层)和可直接光刻的电介质。在这两种应用中,产能可以大大提升,操作成本可以大大降低。Pibond将讨论和总结硅基光刻胶以及光刻辅助层领域的最新进展。此外,还将概述材料的其他最新应用。 IWAPS为来自全球半导体工业界、学术界的资深技术专家和优秀研究人员等提供一个技术交流平台,参会者可以就材料、设备、工艺、测量、计算光刻和设计优化等主题分享各自的研究成果,探讨图形化解决方案,研讨即将面临的技术挑战。作为中国首个高端光刻技术研讨会,其发言者均为特邀自光刻及其相关领域的国内外资深专家,代表了其所在领域的国际先进水平。报告内容涉及广泛,涵盖了当前的技术现状、未来的发展趋势以及面临的挑战等。该研讨会旨在为与会者提供一个深入讨论的互动平台,也为想要了解更多全球半导体业界动态的研究者和工程师提供更多机会。 PiBond欢迎全体感兴趣的专家人员与会讨论。

九月 11, 2020


台北南港展览馆一馆,2020年9月23-25日 PiBond在台湾台北举行的国际半导体展展出。展位号N0384。PiBond展示所有产品线的产品。 我们欢迎所有与会者参观我们、进一步了解我们的旋涂介电材料和光刻材料。

八月 19, 2019


PiBond在‘国际先进光刻技术研讨会’,2019年10月17-18日,中国南京 PiBond在国际先进光刻技术研讨会(IWAPS 2019)上报告“为先进和新型半导体制造工艺提供的硅基材料”。 有机化学放大光刻胶(CAR)已经为该行业服务了数十年。随着工业向最后的鳍式场效应晶体管(FinFET)工艺节点发展,由于在极紫外光刻(EUVL)图形化中的分辨率和线宽粗糙度限制,这些材料可能需要更换。因此,无机材料被认为是EUVL有机CAR光刻胶的可行替代品,并且近年来受到越来越多的关注。基于对新材料和工艺的需求,PiBond开发了一种新型硅基EUVL光刻胶,并将材料技术扩展到其他光刻波长,从而为提高产量和整体工艺改进提供了方法。报告将讨论和总结硅基光刻胶和光刻辅助层的最新成果。 IWAPS为来自全球半导体工业界、学术界的资深技术专家和优秀研究人员等提供一个技术交流平台,参会者可以就材料、设备、工艺、测量、计算光刻和设计优化等主题分享各自的研究成果,探讨图形化解决方案,研讨即将面临的技术挑战。作为中国首个高端光刻技术研讨会,其发言者均为特邀自光刻及其相关领域的国内外资深专家,代表了其所在领域的国际先进水平。报告内容涉及广泛,涵盖了当前的技术现状、未来的发展趋势以及面临的挑战等。该研讨会旨在为与会者提供一个深入讨论的互动平台,也为想要了解更多全球半导体业界动态的研究者和工程师提供更多机会。 PiBond欢迎全体感兴趣的专家人员与会讨论。

八月 19, 2019


台北南港展览馆,2019年9月18-20日 PiBond在台湾台北举行的国际半导体展展出。展位号N0484 (4楼)。PiBond展示所有产品线的产品。 我们欢迎所有与会者参观我们、进一步了解我们的可旋涂介电材料和图案转移产品。

二月 21, 2019


上海新国际博览中心,2019年3月20-22日 PiBond将参加在上海举办的国际半导体展活动。 您可以在1737号展台找到我们。PiBond将展出EUV光刻胶、可旋涂介质材料和光刻产品。 我们欢迎所有与会者访问我们,了解我们的产品。

八月 03, 2018


台北南港展览馆1楼&4楼,2018年9月5-7日 – 2018台湾国际半导体展 PiBond在台湾台北举行的国际半导体展展出。展位号I2222号 (1楼)。 PiBond展示所有产品线的产品。 我们欢迎所有与会者参观我们,了解我们的可旋涂电介质和图案转移产品。

二月 23, 2018

PiBond 将在SEMICON China 2018展出

上海新国际博览中心,2018年3月14日 – 16日 PiBond将在上海的SEMICON China展览会展出。我们将分别在靖洋集团的N1展厅1677号展位和PacTech-Packaging Technologies的N2展厅2409号展位展示所有产品线的产品。 我们欢迎所有与会者参观我们,并进一步了解我们的旋涂电介质和图案转移材料。

八月 18, 2017

PiBond 在2017 SEMICON台湾展出

台北南港展览馆,2017年9月13日至15日 - SEMICON台湾2017。   PiBond参加台湾台北的SEMICON台湾盛会。 您可以在2228号(1楼)和5号(4楼)展位找到我们。PiBond展示所有产品线的产品。 我们欢迎所有与会者参观我们,并进一步了解我们的旋涂电介质和图案转移材料。

五月 12, 2017

PiBond在SEMICON Europa

德国慕尼黑,2017年11月14日-17日 PiBond将参加在德国慕尼黑举办的欧洲国际半导体设备展览会SEMICON Europa。 今年的SEMICON Europa将与国际电子生产设备博览会productronica共同举办。 我们将在B1馆1028号展位展出。  

二月 20, 2017

PiBond exhibits at SEMICON China 2017

Shanghai New International Expo Centre, March 14-16, 2017. PiBond participates in SEMICON China event in Shanghai at the Nagase booth No. 5617 in hall W5....

十月 25, 2016

PiBond materials for MEMS, TSV and IC fabrication at SEMICON Europa

Alpexpo, Grenoble, October 25-27, 2016 – SEMICON Europa. PiBond participates in SEMICON Europa event in Grenoble, France. Our booth No. is 541. We exhibit our...

十月 19, 2016

PiBond pioneers a new material approach for MEMS and 3D IC manufacturing.

Pibond is awarded patent for its SAP technology platform.   Helsinki, Oct. 19, 2016 — PiBond today announced the latest key milestone in its innovative SAP...

九月 22, 2016

New materials with high refractive index for optical applications

Rapidly emerging global megatrends such as Internet of Things, augmented reality as well as new waves of automotive and security related applications have become key...

九月 07, 2016

PiBond materials for MEMS, TSV and IC fabrication at SEMICON Taiwan

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, September 7-9, 2016 – SEMICON Taiwan 2016. PiBond participates in SEMICON Taiwan event in Taipei at the Grand Trend booth No....

三月 10, 2016

PiBond materials for MEMS, TSV and IC fabrication at SEMICON China

Shanghai New International Expo Centre, March 15-17, 2016 – SEMICON China 2016. PiBond participates in SEMICON China event in Shanghai at the Nagase booth No....

一月 01, 2016

PiBond Advanced Materials for Optical Sensors, MEMS and IC Packaging at NEPCON in Japan

Tokyo Big Sight, January 13-15, 2016 – Nepcon Japan 2016. PiBond participates in the NEPCON conference at Nagase booths E52-40 (Hall 6) and E21-13 (Hall...

四月 01, 2015

As Semicon Fabs Eye Solutions for Moore's Law Extension, Pibond Introduces a New Product Line for Logic, Memory, Power and MEMS Devices

New spin-on hardmask materials -- SAP-100 product line -- enables most advanced semiconductor nodes as well as process simplifications HELSINKI, Finland, April 1, 2015 --...

七月 29, 2014

Pibond Oy announced its acquisition of the assets of Silecs Oy

Helsinki, Finland July 29, 2014 - Pibond Oy, a speciality chemical investment vehicle, today announced its acquisition of the assets of Silecs Oy (www.Silecs.com)....