Pibond is an innovator of enabling materials that are used in microelectronics.

We manufacture materials for semiconductors, image sensors, and advanced semiconductor packages.

What we do

We manufacture a broad range of unique electronic materials, which meets customers' stringent performance and integration requirements. We currently supply materials from all of our product lines to leading foundries in the world.

We specialize in the development and production of advanced siloxane and metal oxide monomers and polymers. Many of the products we manufacture are essential in construction of new, next generation of devices, or helping to reduce our customer’s production costs and improving quality. Our materials are currently being used by customers at multiple nodes including “10 nm class” advanced semiconductor devices.

The expertise we have in product development, application engineering and state-of-the-art production techniques ensures fast time to market for customers, delivering the performance required for even the most advanced device designs.

Apart from being used at multiple nodes within the semiconductor industry, Pibond also offers and develops materials for MEMS and Advanced IC Packaging. Industrial trends like The Internet of Things are increasing the demands for Wafer Level and emerging 3D-IC packaging architectures. 

Our Quality

We believe that the ultimate measure of our success is in the success of our customers and their products. Thus, at Pibond, outstanding quality is a critical business imperative.

Achieving quality at Pibond means an ongoing commitment to excellence in everything we do. Our employees contribute to the overall quality of our products and services, and each is measured by his or her conformance to this principle.

We are one of the few global players that have a proven and audited track record at producing and monitoring specialty materials at PPT purity level. Our 3000 square meter QMS controlled Clean Room facility in Helsinki sets the standard for reliable and high quality materials production.

Pibond has been ISO 9001 certified since November 2005 and ISO 14001certified since May 2008. Current certifications are according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, respectively. You can see our current official certificates here: ISO 9001 ISO 14001

PiBond won national Quality Innovation Award of 2020 and was a prize winner in international competition. The rankings came in the Category of Business Innovations on PiBond’s Silicon-Rich Materials for Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication. You can see our current official certificate here: Quality Innovation Award 2020

Our team

Our team consists of personnel with decades of experience in developing new innovative materials, scaling these up to reproducible processes and manufacturing our products at the highest quality.

Our quality polices and manufacturing principles  are the backbone of our operations and continuous efforts to improve make us, in addition to the materials we make, better.

Our Technology

We specialize in the development and production of advanced silicon and metal oxide polymers, and proprietary monomers for these.

We have developed a broad library of proprietary molecules. This allows for innovation beyond what is achievable when using "off the shelf" molecules. We utilize advanced molecular modeling to find chemical structures that yield desired film properties for the requirements of specific applications. Multiple degrees of freedom in precursor and polymer chemistry enable optimization of key target properties without compromising other performance benefits and consistent manufacturing.

We use nanochemistries to design products to meet specific customer requirements, such as electrical and optical performance, mechanical properties, high temperature and etch stability. Our materials fill gaps and planarize as needed. The properties of our products combined with a broad curing temperature range also extends them into additional technologies including solid state lighting, printable electronics and nanotechnology applications.

With 71 patents with 48 issued and 23 pending, we demonstrate our innovation capability and continue to invest in R&D and grow our knowledge in the field.

Partner  - Service and Support

Early stage development and analytical capabilities

PiBond can be your partner in development of new precursors or materials for needed in construction of integrated circuits, 3DIC, various dielectrics and optical materials. We have a solid background in siloxane and metall oxide chemistries which help you to achieve targets and generate results. Our laboratories have all necessary equipment for material and monomer synthesis and purification. Besides our capabilities in material synthesis and manufacturing, we have well equipped laboratories to characterize products, components and processes in fabrication. All standard analytical equipment for determination of properties for liquids (chromatography, spectroscopy) and materials (thermal, mechanical, electrical, microscopy, reliability) are in place and available. Through our partner institutes and companies, we have access to fabrication process equipment, and state-of-the-art advanced analytical equipment.

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